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Hach, Marielouise "Mieze"

My great grandfather Carl Max Hach, was born in Germany, October 2nd, 1885, and die june 24th 1968, His parents were JOHANN ANDREAS HACH and Nanny Wille. He had 3 brothers Andreas, Adolph and Otto and one sister Mietze (Marie Louise). I’m trying to find relatives of Mietze (Marie Louise Hach) married with Adolph Segnitz in 1910; he was wine importer and exporter. They had 6 children Andreas Friedrich, Anne Marie Erna, Helene Toni, Otto Heinz, Amalie Käthe and Hermann Segnitz.
oo 1910 Adolf Segnitz

Vater:Johannes Hach

Mutter:Nanny Wille





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